We created this newsletter to be an inspirational resource for your textile style, or Textyle.
See what we did there?

Monthly we will highlight a particular pattern paired with a few coordinating woven and coated fabrics.
We know how time consuming and frustrating it can be searching through fabric bins…
So, we did the work for you!

Each color palette has been carefully curated to be a beautiful ‘grab and go’ for your next project,
or that serendipitous spark of inspiration when you need it most.

Issue No. 7 School Spirit

A new school year brings renewed school spirit and with that comes a whirlwind of school colors,
ready to sweep you up and spit you back out properly clad. 
If you’re reading this, to you school and all that comes with it means
another year of wear and tear on everything from floor to ceiling. 
While color is important, durability is even more so when designing the interior of a school.
Textyle No. 7 is for those of you looking to show your school spirit proudly
and confidently with our Too Close to Call collection leading the team.
With help from the wools, Lumber Jane and Topcoats, the versatile My Way and supportive Fionna, you can create any shade of school pride.

Big Red

Bleed Blue

Purple Pride

Issue No. 6 A Declaration of Independence

These 4th of July colors are FRee!
FRee from FR chemicals marking our celebration of independence from harmful additives!
Our red, white and blues are NOT the only FRee fabrics we have.
*All Anzea wovens are FRee and most coateds are FRee – we will be 100% by the time New Year’s rolls around!
Find our list of FR free fabrics under the Info menu tab.

Space Cow 03, 05 & 21

Static Energy 01, 04, & 09

Static Energy & Bonnie

Issue No. 5 Tolstoy at Heim Barbecue

Celebrating Memorial Day and the coming of Summer with our local military at Heim Barbecue in Fort Worth!
Installation features Tolstoy, the perfect choice to hold up to greasy fingers and cowboy denim.
Tolstoy is just one of our 36 coated fabrics ready for the same tough wear.
Also on the menu is an assortment of wovens that are all bleach cleanable and ready to take on their own challenges.

Booths at Heim Barbecue

Tolstoy & Friends

Booths at Heim Barbecue

Issue No. 4 Indoor/Outdoor feat. Sea Life

Is your indoor/outdoor collection complete?
It can be with the unimaginable ability of Bella-Dura® woven fabrics to stay beautiful indoors or out.
They are quick drying, mold/mildew resistant, bleach cleanable, AND recyclable! 
Whether your “indoor” is a hospital waiting room or your “outdoor” is oceanside, Bella-Dura® fabrics go where the people are. 
To give you just a glimpse into our treasure trove of indoor/outdoor fabrics, we chose two more Bella-Dura® patterns,
Lewitt Pleats and Hadley, and a coated fabric from our hardy Too Close To Call collection, Pitter Patter. 

Mai Tai 01

More Indoor/Outdoor

Summertime 02

Issue No. 3 Mirrored Images & Outer Limits

As co-founder, creative director and president of Anzea, Mitzi Mills has designed many of her company’s most popular products.
Good times and travels to Thailand with her mother shaped one of Mitzi’s favorite designs, Mirrored Images, our first FACTS certified textile.
Mitzi drew inspiration from her childhood memories of hula hoops and Life Savers© to create Outer Limits in a brightly colored jacquard weave.

Upper East Side 01 & Wall Street 09

Park Avenue 02 (Railroaded)

Park Avenue 02 & Pier 86 03

Madison Avenue 05 & 5th Avenue 08

Amway Plaza Installation

Houston 06 & Chelsea 07

Issue No. 2 Catwalk

Catwalk, a couture-worthy epingle recreated for the runway. Or your office.
Epingles are woven on a wire loom with an extra beam from which supplementary yarns are released independently.
These yarns are raised over a round wire. After an inch or more of the cloth is woven, the wires are removed leaving tight horizontal rows of uncut loops. 
This slow process of weaving is rewarded with a luscious, mossy-matte surface and a thickness so durable the cloth is timeless and worthy of couture company.

RTW 01

Sporty 02

Salute 03

Looking Sharp 04

Sporty 02 Installation

Runway 05

Issue No. 1 Concierge

Concierge makes the first stop on our textyle journey both simple and rewarding
with minimal lines and pops of color.
FACTS environmental compliance, HPD certification, high abrasion, stain resistance and
value pricing are the amenities that create Concierge’s five-star rating.

Front Desk 01

Platinum Level 02

International 03

Tickets for Two 04

Reservations 05

Get Connected 06