Welcome to Textyle! An inspirational resource for your textile style. See what we did there?
On this page, you will find carefully curated color palettes exploring a particular color in each section.
Each color palette has been handpicked to be a beautiful ‘grab and go’ for your next project,
or that serendipitous spark of inspiration when you need it most.

MARCH 2021: Green

Green? For Spring?
We know, we know….groundbreaking, right?
Green is good. Green is easy on the eyes. Green means go.
So, go ahead and rest your eyes on this month’s color palettes.
Who knows…you might just break some ground with them in your next project. 

Bright New Day


Park Picnic

FEBRUARY 2021: A.I. Aqua

In 2019, A.I. Aqua was forecast to have key relevance in 2021.
Now that our physical and digital worlds are connected the most they have ever been,
A.I. Aqua articulates in color the blending of physical and digital. 
This tech-inspired color is truly versatile.
It can stand alone for a sporty and trend-forward appeal or be a fresh take on blue in an interior when tonally styled. 

Shimmering Sea

Aqua Sea

Deep Sea

JANUARY 2021: Pantone Colors of the Year

A new year means it’s time for a new color of the year.
Well, Pantone graced 2021 with not one, but two colors because it’s probably safe to say we
all could use a little extra boost of color after last year.
These colors are the embodiment of what we need to forge ahead to create a better 2021 for all.

With a bit of stability, we can be hopeful.
With security, we can be energetic.
With resilience, we can seize life with renewed vivacity.

With our best “ultimate” grays and “illuminating” yellows, we created these palettes to bring a bit of hopeful stability to your next project.

Ultimate Grays

Ultimate Illumination

Illuminating Yellows

DECEMBER: Metallics

Deck the halls with shiny textiles,
Fa la la la la, la la la la!
‘Tis the season to be shiny.

Cliché holiday song parody aside, metallic elements in interiors are trending more
and more as this year comes to a close (ah, sigh of relief).  
There are a couple of different influences driving the metallic trend.
One is an increased awareness of health and hygiene. This has sparked a reconnect with the functional properties of
gold, silver, copper, and brass because they have powerful antibacterial qualities. 
Another is the increased time we are spending online in front of screens and the melding of reality with VR. 
Metallics communicate cleanliness and functionality.
In concentrated amounts, metallic detailing gives textiles a glamorous and futuristic look.
Appeal to the senses by combining textures of high-shine and matte finishes. Metallics derived from
the elements either in the form of fine metallic yarns or iridescent finishes bring that perfect polish.

And so, in the spirit of the season, make your next project merry and metallic.

Silver Bells

Golden Rings

Bronzy Things

NOVEMBER: Natural Neutrals

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
-John Muir
While Muir wasn’t a designer or a professional in the A&D industry at any capacity,
we think that quote is applicable to a current color trend where nature is the muse.  
It is easy to step outside and pull color inspiration directly from your natural surroundings.
Nature-inspired colors feel restful and calming like taking a walk on a perfect autumn day,
watching the leaves float from their trees. 





We refer to it as a color, but black is actually the absence of color and light.
Formal, classic, mysterious, and luxurious all bundled up in this singular color.
It is particularly useful as a means of adding definition to color schemes and providing graphic contrast.

Dark textiles with deep textures convey a sense of rich heaviness rarely achieved by other hues.
Saturated darks like red, navy, and green cocoons you in luxury.
Lace in metallic elements for subtle yet dramatic definition.

Shadowy Darks

The Non-Color

Classic Contrast


What does the color mauve and medicine have in common?
A young chemist by the name of William Henry Perkin. 
In 1856 Perkin accidentally discovered the first synthetic dye while trying to create an artificial version of quinine,
an antimalarial drug previously only obtained from the bark of a tree that only grew in South America. 
This discovery dubbed Perkin the “father of the synthetic chemical industry” and
needless to say became quite profitable for the 18-year-old. Perkin’s mauve became the first commercially available mass-produced dye. 
And while the original mauveine was more purple in nature, mauve can morph from a neutral to a key, statement color.

Gray Mauve

Mod Mauve

Antique Mauve

AUGUST: Orange

While orange is another one of those “advancing” colors that demand attention, it can invigorate an otherwise drab space with uplifting cheerfulness.
If the color orange could talk we’re pretty sure its tagline would be: “Look at me and be happy!”




JULY: Reds

It’s the oldest one in the book.
Going back tens of thousands of years, red pigments were used in cave paintings, in tombs, as decoration on pottery, and body art. 
In nature, it is both a lure and a warning. It is a siren shade that draws you in. 
It is danger and it is passion and even good luck. 

The Red One

The Vermilion Vibe

The Come Hither Side

JUNE: Colors of Hope

This month’s Textyle is a little bit different.
Instead of the usual single color study, we decided to focus on a single word. 
A word we feel is always important but even more so right now.
That word is Hope.
With hope in our hearts, we set to the task of creating color palettes that portrayed elements of this word.

A Break in the Clouds

A Glimmer of Hope

A Beam of Light

MAY: Magenta

While a certain shade of pink has permeated just about every place or product you can possibly ponder lately,
it’s about time pink’s punchy cousin came back to town. 
Lookout! May-genta, or rather magenta, is popping up in color forecasts for this year
and the next two as a way to make a bright and fun statement. 
Would you expect anything less from a color like magenta?

Pink’s Aunt Madge

Pink’s Punchy Cousin

Pink’s Funky Uncle

APRIL: Terra Cotta

Red and yellow combined make orange, right?
So, it’s only natural that orange contains both the attention-seeking qualities of red and the cheerfulness of yellow. 
But today we’re not looking at the bright citrusy color that’s probably sitting in your fruit bowl.
We’re getting our hands a little dirty with the rustic tones Mother Earth has to offer…liiike terra cotta. 

On the Yellow Side

Right On Terra Cotta

On the Red Side

MARCH: Greens

Why is green a restful and soothing color?
For one, the human eye does not have to work very hard to see it since green falls in the middle of the visible spectrum of light.
Green’s ability to combine well with many other colors and its calming effect makes it an easy addition to any project.





An ancient color with the earliest pigments originating from natural dyestuffs such as saffron and turmeric to the brighter,
more saturated pigments when the natural form of lead chromate was discovered in the early 19th century.
We have something to satisfy your brightest-of-the-bright or your most down-to-earth earthy tones.





So if you guessed we would start with Pantone’s Color of the Year Classic Blue, give yourself a gold star for the day.
Pantone was not alone in declaring a blue as their COTY. Sherwin-Williams chose a rich navy called Naval.
PPG chose Chinese Porcelain. The only outlier is Benjamin Moore keeping pink alive with First Light.

Don’t be fooled, 2020’s blue hue is not melancholy in nature. The experts at Pantone describe Classic Blue as
a “timeless and enduring blue hue.” And in response to the fast-paced, always-on world we live in today,
Classic Blue is “imprinted in our psyches as a restful color” and offers refuge.
We pulled together a few palettes to help you do just that.

With Blue

Best Match

With Navy & Pink


We created this page to be an inspirational resource for your textile style, or Textyle.
See what we did there?

Monthly we will highlight a particular pattern paired with a few coordinating woven and coated fabrics.
We know how time consuming and frustrating it can be searching through fabric bins…
So, we did the work for you!

Each color palette has been carefully curated to be a beautiful ‘grab and go’ for your next project,
or that serendipitous spark of inspiration when you need it most.

Issue No. 9 The Perfect Bouclé

After a lifetime search for the perfect bouclé, we decided to design one.
The result? A bouclé that tips its hat to the tough and gritty terrain of the Southwest.
Grit, from our new Naked Spirit collection, uses Bella-Dura® yarns to create detailed texture with hidden gems of color.
Grit is naturally durable, ready to withstand the harshest environments without any additives.
Thanks to Grit and other Anzea exclusives like My Way, Morph & Metro, you don’t have to choose between style and performance.
You’re welcome.

Grit 01 Yellow Pebbles

Grit 01 Pebble (photo courtesy of Dotson Cooke)

Grit 03 Shale Blues

Issue No. 8 PS(extra S)L

Splash of Green

Whether you anxiously await the return of the seasonal drink each year or you prefer your coffee sans PS, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little extra spice sometimes.

The main ingredient in this month’s Textyle is Dazzler.
Dazzler is a silicone polyurethane hybrid. That means it is made by combining silicone and polyurethane (in environmentally friendly processes, of course) to create a buttery soft, high performing coated fabric. 

Besides the hand, seriously you have to feel it to believe it, Dazzler is bleach cleanable and ink and denim resistant. It does NOT contain any FR, antimicrobial or antibacterial additives. Along with our three other hybrids, Dazzler is HHI, HPD and REACH compliant. 

Dazzler’s unique pattern is complemented by a mix of woven and coated fabrics rich in color and texture. 

Hint of Navy

Issue No. 7 School Spirit

A new school year brings renewed school spirit and with that comes a whirlwind of school colors,
ready to sweep you up and spit you back out properly clad. 
If you’re reading this, to you school and all that comes with it means
another year of wear and tear on everything from floor to ceiling. 
While color is important, durability is even more so when designing the interior of a school.
Textyle No. 7 is for those of you looking to show your school spirit proudly
and confidently with our Too Close to Call collection leading the team.
With help from the wools, Lumber Jane and Topcoats, the versatile My Way and supportive Fionna, you can create any shade of school pride.

Big Red

Bleed Blue

Purple Pride

Issue No. 6 A Declaration of Independence

These 4th of July colors are FRee!
FRee from FR chemicals marking our celebration of independence from harmful additives!
Our red, white and blues are NOT the only FRee fabrics we have.
*All Anzea wovens are FRee and most coateds are FRee – we will be 100% by the time New Year’s rolls around!
Find our list of FR free fabrics under the Info menu tab.

Space Cow 03, 05 & 21

Static Energy 01, 04, & 09

Static Energy & Bonnie

Issue No. 5 Tolstoy at Heim Barbecue

Celebrating Memorial Day and the coming of Summer with our local military at Heim Barbecue in Fort Worth!
Installation features Tolstoy, the perfect choice to hold up to greasy fingers and cowboy denim.
Tolstoy is just one of our 36 coated fabrics ready for the same tough wear.
Also on the menu is an assortment of wovens that are all bleach cleanable and ready to take on their own challenges.

Booths at Heim Barbecue

Tolstoy & Friends

Booths at Heim Barbecue

Issue No. 4 Indoor/Outdoor feat. Sea Life

Is your indoor/outdoor collection complete?
It can be with the unimaginable ability of Bella-Dura® woven fabrics to stay beautiful indoors or out.
They are quick drying, mold/mildew resistant, bleach cleanable, AND recyclable! 
Whether your “indoor” is a hospital waiting room or your “outdoor” is oceanside, Bella-Dura® fabrics go where the people are. 
To give you just a glimpse into our treasure trove of indoor/outdoor fabrics, we chose two more Bella-Dura® patterns,
Lewitt Pleats and Hadley, and a coated fabric from our hardy Too Close To Call collection, Pitter Patter. 

Mai Tai 01

More Indoor/Outdoor

Summertime 02

Issue No. 3 Mirrored Images & Outer Limits

As co-founder, creative director and president of Anzea, Mitzi Mills has designed many of her company’s most popular products.
Good times and travels to Thailand with her mother shaped one of Mitzi’s favorite designs, Mirrored Images, our first FACTS certified textile.
Mitzi drew inspiration from her childhood memories of hula hoops and Life Savers© to create Outer Limits in a brightly colored jacquard weave.

Upper East Side 01 & Wall Street 09

Park Avenue 02 (Railroaded)

Park Avenue 02 & Pier 86 03

Madison Avenue 05 & 5th Avenue 08

Amway Plaza Installation

Houston 06 & Chelsea 07

Issue No. 2 Catwalk

Catwalk, a couture-worthy epingle recreated for the runway. Or your office.
Epingles are woven on a wire loom with an extra beam from which supplementary yarns are released independently.
These yarns are raised over a round wire. After an inch or more of the cloth is woven, the wires are removed leaving tight horizontal rows of uncut loops. 
This slow process of weaving is rewarded with a luscious, mossy-matte surface and a thickness so durable the cloth is timeless and worthy of couture company.

RTW 01

Sporty 02

Salute 03

Looking Sharp 04

Sporty 02 Installation

Runway 05

Issue No. 1 Concierge

Concierge makes the first stop on our textyle journey both simple and rewarding
with minimal lines and pops of color.
FACTS environmental compliance, HPD certification, high abrasion, stain resistance and
value pricing are the amenities that create Concierge’s five-star rating.

Front Desk 01

Platinum Level 02

International 03

Tickets for Two 04

Reservations 05