Welcome to Textyle! An inspirational resource for your textile style. See what we did there?
On this page, you will find carefully curated color palettes exploring a particular color in each section.
Each color palette has been handpicked to be a beautiful ‘grab and go’ for your next project,
or that serendipitous spark of inspiration when you need it most.

MAY 2021: Digital Lavender

Healing, Stability, Balancing 

As we bravely forge our way through this year of recovery, Digital Lavender envelopes us in a soothing,
restorative, and positive mental attitude.
Purples have long been associated with spirituality and are thought to bring a sense of balance.
The renewed devotion to creating and maintaining overall health and wellness is synonymous with colors that offer escape and restoration.
Digital Lavender just feels…ahhhh, sublime.

Violet Spectrum

Purple Nitro

Frosted Lilac

MARCH 2021: Green

Green? For Spring?
We know, we know….groundbreaking, right?
Green is good. Green is easy on the eyes. Green means go.
So, go ahead and rest your eyes on this month’s color palettes.
Who knows…you might just break some ground with them in your next project. 

Bright New Day


Park Picnic

FEBRUARY 2021: A.I. Aqua

In 2019, A.I. Aqua was forecast to have key relevance in 2021.
Now that our physical and digital worlds are connected the most they have ever been,
A.I. Aqua articulates in color the blending of physical and digital. 
This tech-inspired color is truly versatile.
It can stand alone for a sporty and trend-forward appeal or be a fresh take on blue in an interior when tonally styled. 

Shimmering Sea

Aqua Sea

Deep Sea

JANUARY 2021: Pantone Colors of the Year

A new year means it’s time for a new color of the year.
Well, Pantone graced 2021 with not one, but two colors because it’s probably safe to say we
all could use a little extra boost of color after last year.
These colors are the embodiment of what we need to forge ahead to create a better 2021 for all.

With a bit of stability, we can be hopeful.
With security, we can be energetic.
With resilience, we can seize life with renewed vivacity.

With our best “ultimate” grays and “illuminating” yellows, we created these palettes to bring a bit of hopeful stability to your next project.

Ultimate Grays

Ultimate Illumination

Illuminating Yellows