Special Finishes


Most of Anzea’s textiles are or can be treated with one of the following finishes for superior stain resistance and moisture resistance, as well as complete moisture barriers.  Anzea stain resistant finishes are all non-PFOA.  The current PFAS chemistry that is being used by U.S. mills and finishers utilizes short-chain technology, such as C6.  The science supports the conclusion that the newer technology is not expected to present a significant risk to humans or the environment.


Alta is a family of finishes and combinations to meet certain applications and end uses.


Stain and moisture resistant finish for most contract applications


Alta + Durablock Moisture Barrier – Stain resistance and moisture proof


Alta + Durablock Moisture Barrier + Antimicrobial – Stain resistance and moisture proof plus Antimicrobial treatments.  Many facilities no longer want or require the antimicrobial finish.  In that case, specify ALTA + DURABLOCK only.


Microscopic roughness is the technology behind GreenShield® which leverages the enormous surface area of each nanoparticle enabling the particles to efficiently deliver the appropriate chemistry to the fabric. Through the use of nano-particles on the surface of a fabric GreenShield® creates a pocket of air allowing water and oil droplets to roll – carrying dirt and stains off the fabric for a self cleaning effect. GreenShield® is a multi-functional technology providing water and oil repellency and stain resistance in a single finish with greater efficiency than each function delivered separately.  Greenshield is a Cradle to Cradle approved finish.



All fabrics specified to be treated with Crypton are now Crypton 2.0 technology

Through advancements in both technology and machinery, Crypton’s engineers have invented a method that incredibly and significantly reduces stiffness, increases the loft and maintains the compression recovery of every fabric. With the new Crypton 2.0 technology, Crypton has radically reduced their reliance on petroleum-based materials and reduced CO2 emissions. They have changed the moisture barrier so that more than 10% of the feedstock raw materials can be derived from renewable, farm-grown sources, including corn. These advancements are made without sacrificing Crypton’s performance, durability or recyclability. The introduction of biobased content and the softening of Crypton’s moisture barrier also bring about environmental advancements in our production process. It takes 40% less energy to produce their corn-derived materials than the petroleum-based alternative. Additionally, they have reduced CO2 emissions by improving their manufacturing efficiency, thus generating less greenhouse gas.  Crypton 2.0 has actually improved cleanability. The new barrier utilizes the same “repel and release” functionality that was previously reserved just for the fibers. The result is a barrier that more easily releases ground-in stains. Crypton’s continued use of the best dual-action chemistry allows both water- and oil-based stains to easily release during spot-cleaning. The culmination of these improvements brings forth the new industry standard – Crypton 2.0.



FR acrylic backing enhances a fabric’s stability and may reduce seam slippage. For direct glue applications it reduces or eliminates bleed through. This backing is designed to meet the ASTM E-84 for wallcovering.


All ANZEA textiles meet or exceed the California Upholstered Furniture Flammability code Bulletin 117-2013. For other codes Anzea will ship the fabric to a finisher. The finisher will issue a certificate of compliance for the specific codes. ANZEA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FABRIC’S SATISFACTORY COMPLIANCE TO THE SPECIFIED CODE. The following information must be supplied when arranging for flame retarding.

Regulations fabric is to meet
Location of the installation
Application of the product, i.e. upholstery, drapery, wallcovering, aircraft