Silicone is the newest member of the coated family. Unlike the first generation of silicone upholsteries, Anzea silicones are not sticky or rubbery. They are breathable and have a natural surface making these coated fabrics extremely comfortable.
No additives or finishes are required. These silicone upholsteries are inherently fire-retardant, stain resistant, ink and denim resistant and resistant to mildew, mold and microbes. Chemicals, including bleach, alcohol and common healthcare cleaners, will not harm the surface when used correctly. The silicone is inherently stretchy, minimizing puddling.
Since silicone is heat and humidity resistant, hydrolysis is not an issue. Silicone is resistant to cold; so cold-crack is also not an issue.
Silicone is derived from quartzite sand, a natural product. Therefore, it is benign to the environment. The Anzea silicones are FR free, CA Prop 65 compliant, Red List Free, Healthier Hospital Initiative compliant plus HPD, RoHS and Reach compliant. All pass Cal 1350 for VOC Emissions.
For more details on each of the Anzea Coated Fabrics, see the specification sheets. *Remember, all coated fabrics need to be rinsed with clean water after cleaning and disinfecting to maximize their years of good service.
FR additives are being eliminated from all Anzea coated fabrics.