Polyurethane Coated Fabric (PU, PVC-Free)

Polyurethane, commonly referred to as “PU,” is a polymer that is considered to be a highly resilient, flexible and durable material. PU is popular as an upholstery material as it is PVC-free and has more environmental attributes than vinyl. Polyurethane offers a combination of benefits including durability, suppleness and breathability.
Polyurethane provides for a soft, supple seating surface. PU’s offer some breathability, whereas PVC based faux leathers do not. High grade polyurethanes will remain cool on the surface even after being sat on for long periods of time.
The single most important factor in determining the quality of a polyurethane is the type of resin that is used in both the formulation of the skin and base.
Polycarbonate resin used in the skin and base is the highest quality, the highest cost and the most durable with high resistance to humidity, heat and light. PU made with this resin will withstand 7+ week of hydrolysis testing. (The industry requirement is 5 weeks to ensure the product does not break down.) Note: Vinyl and silicone are not susceptible to hydrolysis.
To avoid puddling specific upholstery techniques should be utilized. Consult the polyurethane guide in the info center. Polyurethane has an inherent high level of stain resistance and resistance to harsh chemicals.
Special finishes may be incorporated in the polyurethane to create an ink and denim resistant surface.
The Anzea Too Close to Call collection is a hybrid of the polyurethane family. It is an impregnated finish over a matrix base. This construction offers all of the polyurethane attributes, plus extreme resistance to tearing and puncturing from both the front and back.
All of these high grade polyurethanes will withstand healthcare cleaning and disinfecting if instructions are properly followed. Consult each specification sheet for specific tested chemicals.
The environmental attributes that distinguish polyurethane are their ability to decompose over time. They can be incinerated without releasing toxic compounds. Polyurethanes typically have lower levels of VOC’s than PVC.
Anzea polyurethanes are also phthalate free, lead and heavy metal free, BPA free and formaldehyde free. As with other Anzea coated products, none contain conflict minerals. All are manufactured with energy and water efficiency. Water and raw materials used in production are reclaimed and recycled.