Palettes of the Past



in your






Shadowy Darks

The Non-Color

Classic Contrast

Gray Mauve

Mod Mauve

Antique Mauve




The Red One

The Vermilion Vibe

The Come Hither Side

A Break in the Clouds

A Glimmer of Hope

A Beam of Light

Pink’s Aunt Madge

Pink’s Punchy Cousin

Pink’s Funky Uncle

On the Yellow Side

Right On Terra Cotta

On the Red Side







With Blue

Best Match

With Navy & Pink

Grit 01 Yellow Pebbles

Grit 01 Pebble (photo courtesy of Dotson Cooke)

Grit 03 Shale Blues

Splash of Green

Whether you anxiously await the return of the seasonal drink each year or you prefer your coffee sans PS, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little extra spice sometimes.

The main ingredient in this month’s Textyle is Dazzler.
Dazzler is a silicone polyurethane hybrid. That means it is made by combining silicone and polyurethane (in environmentally friendly processes, of course) to create a buttery soft, high performing coated fabric. 

Besides the hand, seriously you have to feel it to believe it, Dazzler is bleach cleanable and ink and denim resistant. It does NOT contain any FR, antimicrobial or antibacterial additives. Along with our three other hybrids, Dazzler is HHI, HPD and REACH compliant. 

Dazzler’s unique pattern is complemented by a mix of woven and coated fabrics rich in color and texture. 

Hint of Navy

Big Red

Bleed Blue

Purple Pride

Space Cow 03, 05 & 21

Static Energy 01, 04, & 09

Static Energy & Bonnie

Booths at Heim Barbecue

Tolstoy & Friends

Booths at Heim Barbecue

Mai Tai 01

More Indoor/Outdoor

Summertime 02

Upper East Side 01 & Wall Street 09

Park Avenue 02 (Railroaded)

Park Avenue 02 & Pier 86 03

Madison Avenue 05 & 5th Avenue 08

Amway Plaza Installation

Houston 06 & Chelsea 07

RTW 01

Sporty 02

Salute 03

Looking Sharp 04

Sporty 02 Installation

Runway 05

Front Desk 01

Platinum Level 02

International 03

Tickets for Two 04

Reservations 05