Environmental Statement


ANZEA is dedicated to the preservation of our planet and resources. Our holistic approach to environmental issues affects all of our activities, both professionally and personally. Each design and process will be approached with sustainability and ethics in mind. We will endeavor to impact our industry and community in a positive manner. We will promote an environment conducive to a positive lifestyle for our employees and support only those suppliers that share our vision of the future.

Renewable and recyclable materials are only part of what makes a product green. GETTING GREEN at ANZEA has to do with environmental stewardship, social responsibility and ethical choices. It is not a simplistic solution, but rather a journey beginning in our corporate family and extending to our suppliers, our customers and an ever-widening network of contacts.

ANZEA will purchase from textile mills that are dedicated to low impact production. Our finishing processes will be added through low energy green processing procedures. We will also favor suppliers who comply with the new standards being developed through ACT (Association of Contract Textiles) such as the recently approved NSF/ANSI 336 guideline for sustainability. Because we may import textiles, all our mills, wherever located, are to have high ratings in their local country of origin. As an international business, we support and respect diversity; and we encourage a high level of creativity from our designers, staff and specifiers.