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Make Holiday Clean Ups a Breeze with Bleach Upholstery Fabrics

bleach upholstery fabrics

Bleach Upholstery Fabric Christmas Tree from Anzea

In an age where high performance and ease of cleaning are of utmost importance, it is crucial that Anzea Textiles Inc. continues to develop products in the bleach upholstery fabric category.  With the holidays in swing, parties, increased foot traffic, and the overall amped up liveliness of the season, we are reminded that everyone benefits from easy clean ups.  Instead of spending time treating your fabrics, spend it with your family with easy-to-clean Anzea upholstery.

You must use the proper dilution when you bleach upholstery fabric. Acceptable dilutions range from 20:1 (twenty parts water to one part bleach) to 5:1 (five parts water and one part bleach).  Always check with the manufacturer and care instructions of the fabric before trying to bleach upholstery fabric.

When cleaning your Anzea fabrics, keep in mind a few general rules to keep them looking great for years to come. When a stain happens, clean it when it is still fresh to keep it from becoming harder to clean. Also, make to manually clean with a bleach solution instead of damaging your Anzea fabrics with a machine washer.

Currently, Anzea Fabrics coordinates with several prominent designers, including Jhane Barnes, Ruth Adler Schnee, and Jennifer Eno to translate their beautiful designs into high performance Anzea upholstery.  In addition to featuring products from these world-renowned designers, our own designer, Mitzi Mills, offers a few selections of her own to this exciting collection.

By combining expertly executed design, on trend color palettes, and bleach cleanable attributes to our textiles and coated fabrics, we produce super-heroes in the textile industry that can withstand anything you can possibly throw at them and would rival most Marvel comic characters.  In fact, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if some of your favorite characters used Anzea fabrics due to their high durability, comfort, and style. Find all of the bleach upholstery fabric you need to get you through the season at www.anzea.com.

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