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GreenShield & Anzea

GreenShield LaPiazza from Anzea

GreenShield LaPiazza from Anzea

Here at Anzea, we believe in greener practices while delivering stylish and relevant fabrics. In an effort to do our part to go green we use GreenShield fabric treatments. GreenShield combines two cutting edge technologies to produce sustainable, durable, and eco-friendly fabric finishes. Biomimicry and Green Nanotechnology are used to develop GreenShield’s finishes. In case you were wondering about the exact meaning of those terms, please continue.  Biomimicry is the science and art of emulating some of nature’s best biological ideas to solve human problems; while nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. However, not all nanotechnology is green. In order to ensure that GreenShield uses true Green Nanotechnology, it is permanently bound to each fiber and cannot be released into the environment or human tissue, and it forms a mesh network on the fabric so it cannot become air borne.

We have applied this cutting edge fabric finish to many of our designs. All three of our newest fabrics have been treated with GreenShield. entertainmart colorado springs Florentine, Tuscany, and La Piazza come from our summer 2013 introduction. As you can see we have successfully integrated great style and taste with greener sustainable practices.

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