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Bleach Cleanable Fabric

“What do you have that I can clean with bleach?” said the voice on the other end of the phone.  This was the third call this morning looking for upholstery material that can be cleaned with bleach.

SOUND WAVES – Clean with bleach – Solution Dyed

To bleach or not to bleach, that is one of the questions we receive on a daily basis at ANZEA Textiles.  Many companies in the healthcare and hospitality marketplaces uses bleach wipes and other bleach-infused products to clean and disinfect.

Diluted chlorine bleach has been used for years as the go-to solution for the removal of stubborn stains and disinfectant purposes.  For many years, the ability to clean with bleach meant you were limited to a small offering of vinyl and/or textiles that are made out of solution dyed yarns.

Many of our customers ask us about the proper way to clean and disinfect their fabrics.  It is important for our customers to remember that not all textiles or vinyl products can be cleaned with bleach.  It is always recommended that one test an inconspicuous area prior to treating the entire piece.  In fact, we regularly send out samples for people to test with their cleaning agents before they use them in the field.

Proper maintenance and cleaning can add years of useful life to upholstered pieces of furniture.  It is important to regularly clean fabric by lightly brushing or vacuuming to prevent the accumulation of dust or grime.  Surface dust can build up and slowly contribute to a graying effect that diminishes the clarity of the original color and can contribute to abrasion and wear.

Commercial grade upholstery products have cleaning codes which identify the appropriate method of caring for and cleaning the goods.  The codes cover everything from water based cleaners to dry cleaning products.  With some cleaning agents, we recommend rinsing the area thoroughly with clean water to remove any possible residue.  Residue from soap and other cleaning agents will attract more dirt, causing the fabric to prematurely age.

ANZEA has stepped up with four beautiful solutions to this problem.  Please welcome the newest bleach cleanable fabrics from the Mitzi Mills collection for ANZEA Textiles.  Simple Inspirations High performance achievements.

Sound Waves:  Ready for the outdoors or the most stringent inside use – Sound Waves won’t miss a beat.  The multi-colored, undulating fill yarns are inspired by the unique sounds of Earth’s atmosphere, water, fire, rain, wind and surf.  It is fitting that the stain and bleach resistant Bella-Dura yarns are the leading environmentally responsible yarn options in the marketplace.  It is the only fiber on the market, synthetic or natural, that begins as a by-product of post-industrial waste and ends its life as a fully recyclable product.

Hold the Line:  A contemporary palette accented with refined color accents inspired by the subway lines and sounds moving smoothly but with strength.   Hold the Line is well priced and performs at the top with strong UV resistance, high abrasion and bleach cleanable properties.  The solution dyed yarns are a solution to the specifier who wants sophistication and performance.

Garden Gems: The newest luxury bleach cleanable textile from the Mitzi Mills collection for ANZEA.  The color palette is inspired from the clear vibrant hues of a summer garden.  The delicate design is in contrast to the durable high performance fibers.  It is this combination of color, texture and performance that is hard to find in modern commercial textiles.

Neutral Ground:  The rich neutrals of earth, sea and sky are woven of slubby yarns in a thick and thin structure inspired by the hand-woven upholsteries of Mexico.  This humble inspiration takes off with space age technology.  Neutral Ground is woven from 100% high-tech fibers that exceed all contract specifications and are cleanable with diluted bleach.

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