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Anzea introduces Crypton 2.0


For twenty years Crypton has given us a textile finish which provides a moisture barrier and superior stain resistance.  Now the finish is honed to near perfection.  And the best part is you don’t have to do anything special to get the Crypton 2.0 upgrade.  Just keep specifying Anzea Crypton upholsteries and you’ll automatically get the new benefits.
100% polyester with Crypton Green 2.0The new technology delivers improved levels of performance, uses greener processes and yields a softer hand rendering it virtually undetectable from other fabrics.


Crypton 2.0 and Crypton Green 2.0 have improved cleanability.  The new barrier utilizes the same repel and release functionality that was previously reserved for just the fibers. The result is a barrier that more easily releases ground-in stains.  The continued use of the best dual action chemistry allows both water and oil based stains to easily release during spot cleaning.  BLEACH CLEANING is now possible on Crypton finished textiles woven of 100% polyester or 100% solution dyed nylon.  Check out the complete cleaning guide on cryptonfabric.com/care.


Crypton Technology is GREENGUARD Select Certified helping to create healthier and more sustainable indoor environments in healthcare, commercial and educational spaces.  Biobased content in the barrier comes from renewable resources and conserves energy in the production. Scraps from this production are recycled and excess chemistry is captured and reused.  Silver ion technology prevents the growth of mildew and odor-causing bacteria without leaching into the environment.  The Crypton Green designation is given to the featurered Anzea textile EGG ROLL because of its recycled content coupled with the Crypton 2.0.


This new generation of Crypton offers performance characteristics like no other moisture barrier on the market with the softness and pliability you’ve been requesting.  With the reduced rigidity comes increased loft and improved compression recovery.

Visit cryptonfabric.com for more information.

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